A Fresh Wave of Marketing


Casey recently enjoyed speaking all things marketing with one of her business besties, Alesia Galati on her podcast, The Honest Product Bench. The women discussed product-based marketing and how to get your product-based marketing efforts started. Casey shares her expertise pulling from 20 years in corporate marketing and her entrepreneurial experience running the marketing efforts of eCommerce businesses. 

The Honest Product Bench podcast is for shop owners, product makers, and eCommerce sellers. Alesia is an eCommerce Consultant with over six years of experience working with manufacturers with their purchasing and inventory. On her podcast, she interviews industry leaders and business experts. If you’re in eCommerce this is your one-stop-shop to get your product-based business moving in the right direction. This podcast will give you actionable tips, strategies, and inspiration to grow your product-based business. 


About this episode of The Honest Product Bench Podcast, from the host:

Marketing doesn't come easy to many businesses. This chat with Casey Gromer, a Fractional CMO, will help you understand the foundations of marketing. Did I mention she's my biz bestie? This episode is full of laughs and great information. During our chat we discussed: Why you might need a Fractional CMO, How to get started in your marketing journey, and what not to do in your marketing.

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