“What really draws me to this business is the power we have, as women, to change the world.”

- Casey Gromer, Founder

Female Founders,

I don’t know about you, but we are so over male domination of the business world. 

Just like you, we have dreams of shattering glass ceilings, building sustainable and profitable businesses, and leaving our legacy for future generations. Many of us are doing it all with kids and families in tow. 

But the books, advice, frameworks, and systems created by men just aren’t resonating. 

We aren’t too concerned with vanity metrics or sacrificing ethics just to make a buck. We care about our teams and are passionate about our purpose. And we’re determined to make an impact while also making a profit – without sacrificing our sanity to do so. 

Meet your C-Suite

The C-Suite Boutique was created by women in business for women in business. We are a team of Fractional Integrators with Masters degrees, previous corporate careers, and years of success as entrepreneurs. Our role is to “integrate” – or bring unity to – the major functions of your business.

As your right hand, our primary purpose is to keep the company focused and on track, execute the business plan, and hold your teams accountable – profitably. Think of us as the glue that holds everything together. 

When you’ve got someone – that’s not you – in your business playing this role, your mind (and time) is then free to focus strategically on the vision of the company and spin through all the next great big ideas. 

What if you could get back to that fun, fulfilling place you were when you first founded your company?

Meet Your C-Suite Team

Casey Gromer

Casey Gromer

Founder | Fractional Integrator
Kolbe 9-7-3-2 | Areas of Expertise: Strategic Integration, Operational Efficiency, Team Empowerment, Change Management, Project Execution, Business and Marketing Strategy, Executive Operational Leadership, Fractional Integrator Services, Women-Owned Businesses Special Skills: Communication, Data-Driven Decision Making, Adaptability, Conflict Resolution, Unique Qualities: Diverse industry and experience. Creative Problem Solver
Stephanie Desaulniers

Stephanie Desaulniers

Kolbe is 8-3-6-4 | Areas of Expertise: From Geology and Earth Sciences to Entrepreneurship and Business Coaching, Operations Management, Online Course Creation and Instruction, Fractional COO and Integrator Services, Scaling Businesses Special Skills: Thorough Research and Analysis, Systems Development and Implementation, Adaptability and Innovation, Practical Problem-Solving, Leadership in Operations Management, Course Design and Online Education Unique Qualities: Resilience and adaptability. Balanced approach to risk-taking.
Sarah Hines

Sarah Hines

Kolbe 8-6-3-3 | Areas of Expertise: Strategic Integration, Operational Efficiency, and Team Empowerment, Human Resources, Operations Management, Overall Executive Strategy, Financial Planning. Special Skills: Communication, Data-Driven Decision Making, and Conflict Resolution. Unique Qualities/Interests: Flexible and adaptable approach to addressing the needs of various businesses, showcasing a broad skill set and understanding of industry dynamics. Well-rounded skill set suitable for handling complex challenges.
Jen Beam

Jennifer Beam

Operations Specialist
Koble 8-5-2-5 | Areas of Expertise: Operational Efficiency, Change Management, Project Execution. Special Skills: Adaptability, Conflict Resolution, Project Implementation, Detail-Oriented Communication. Unique Qualities: Fierce commitment to supporting women entrepreneurs in developing effective business strategies. Detail-oriented communication style, facilitating clear and effective interactions within teams and across projects.

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