From Corporate Marketing to Fractional CMO


Casey recently had the pleasure of joining Lauren Allen on the Corporate School Dropout podcast. In Episode 54, titled From Corporate Marketing to Fractional CMO - Meet Casey Gromer, they discussed how Casey started her career as a young woman eager to climb the corporate ladder and find success in a corporate environment. 

Casey’s proud to share her story, from corporate life to where she is today running C-Suite Boutique and helping pave the way for female-led businesses. We hope you find Casey’s journey useful, informative, and perhaps very relatable.

From the host of the Corporate School Dropout Podcast Lauren Allen, about this episode:

Casey Gromer enjoyed her 20 years leading teams for multi-million dollar programs with large, well-known corporations. She took her position remote and continued to thrive; however, the travel schedule took a toll and she decided to take her talents out on her own. 

Casey describes how she tried a few different ways to start her business, ultimately pursuing her passion for strategy and marketing with female founders. She built her business from the ground up, since she wasn’t able to find anything on the market quite like what she envisioned for herself. Take a listen to the episode as Casey describes building a business that’s authentic and feels good.

About C-Suite Boutique:

We help female founders grow their businesses without having to sacrifice their personal lives.  

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