Company Persona- Purpose, Focus, and Values


Sometimes, making a tweak to how you and your team view the “big picture” of the company makes a significant impact in the performance and effectiveness of your business.

It might seem simple, but articulating and aligning your team around the WHY of your company can have deep impacts for hiring, employee development, and the delivery of your product or service. Solidifying and speaking the vision and mission into every level of your organization ensures that your team is functioning effectively and efficiently and that your clients or customers expectations are met.

Often, this “big picture” does not get documented. Sometimes, it’s never even uttered out loud. Even if a company and its leaders believe that the mission is intrinsic to their job descriptions, client profiles, and provided services, there’s a missed opportunity if it’s not explicitly built into the culture.

Whether it’s because it’s “obvious” or just hard to put words to, could you be missing the value in communicating the big picture to your teams, your customers, and even....yourself?. 

When everyone is on the same page, aligned around the same goals and purpose, it’s a smoother and more productive journey for everyone.

Because your success is important to women in business everywhere, you're invited to download this simple visionary exercise template to help you get to the heart of your company purpose.

She-Suite Company Persona Download

Download the Company Persona Template

Get your team on board with your purpose, focus, and values
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