Get out of the day-to-day running of your business

You're read to step into the role of Visionary in your business. And a high performing, self-managed team will get you there.

Put the right people in the right seats. 

Do you have a leadership team? Are your employees empowered to own their roles?

When your team members have a clear understanding of their accountabilities, they show up at work every day prepared to take ownership over their role in supporting company’s goals – without relying on you for direction.

This means you’ll spend more days free from a million interruptions to answer questions. And your team members will keep projects moving forward without always needing your input.

With the right delegation strategy, your team members have the confidence to think more independently and make better decisions.


In reality, you’re still the “go to”

You may have built a team, hoping to get yourself out of the day-to-day. But you find that you haven’t lightened your workload – just shifted from “doing” to “directing.”

You spend your days answering questions, making decisions, putting out fires, and dealing with drama. And now you’re wondering if you really made the best hires. Maybe you’ve yet to see any progress. Maybe team members are falling short of expectations. Maybe you feel like you’re not getting anything accomplished.

You might be feeling like you’re the only one who can make big decisions, solve the issues, and answer all the questions. No one else “gets it.” And certainly no one else knows the intricate details like you do. You might feel like you spend the entire day directing and re-directing employees and providing oversight.

Set your team up for success

When the focus is on tasks rather than roles, your employees can't take ownership over the work that needs to be done. And without a well-defined set of roles and responsibilities that show them how they need to contribute to the success of the business, they are left to their own best guess on how to support you.

I’m on a mission to help more women build sustainable 7+ figure businesses that run without them. Creating Delegation & Accountability Systems is the one of the most important resources your team needs for success.

Delegation & Accountability is a process using the suite of business tools I have perfected over years of supporting small business owners. These tools specifically help women entrepreneurs overcome the obstacles and boundaries that hold us back from creating the business of our dreams.


Plan for your success

Structure your business and your team for success

The Delegation & Accountability framework is a method of structuring your business that was developed based on my MBA, years of running teams in corporate, and testing and perfecting these concepts for women entrepreneurs.

With Delegation & Accountability you’ll have:

Clearly defined ownership and accountability so your team knows exactly what to focus on to achieve your goals

A business structure built around the most important functions needed for your success

Accountability for each strategic function in your business that is clear and concise

An at-a-glance resource to quickly tell if your team is focused on the right things or if something is off track


Use the Delegation & Accountability framework to:

Assign ownership and accountability to key functions in your business. In the Delegation & Accountability framework, you and your team will have an opportunity to look holistically at how the business functions and the purpose of each function. Team members are assigned accountability over the function – not the task – which delegates ownership of performance, decision-making, and problem resolution.

Create a functioning structure for your business.  When the business is structured around the primary functions required to maintain success and achieve goals rather than people and tasks, you and your team will be focused on the work that's most important rather than wasting time on tasks that don't really matter.

Measure your performance. Tracking your performance is an important part of staying focused on the most important work. With the right tracking system in place, you and your team will have an at-a-glance overview of your performance towards your goals on a weekly basis so you can make tweaks and shifts in real time to stay on track.

Here’s how you can get support with Delegation & Accountability

CEO Day - Delegation & Accountability

  • 1 CEO Day facilitated for you and your leadership team
  • Documented Accountability Chart including:
    • Business structure
    • Functions, roles, and responsibilities
    • Accountability for specific functions, roles, and responsibilities
  • Documented Performance Dashboard including:
    • Recommended key performance metrics for your leadership team
    • Accountability key performance metrics
  • Access to me via email or Voxer for up to 30 days after your CEO Day for questions and advice


Will the Delegation & Accountability framework work for you?

This Delegation & Accountability framewrk is a perfect tool for you if you:

Are a Visionary entrepreneur with a purpose

Are interested in the idea of building a business to run without you

Feel overwhelmed and / or burned out trying to lead your team and keep them focused and on track

Aren’t sure if you’re actually making progress

Are frustrated when it seems like nothing ever gets done

Wonder if you’ve got the right people on the team

Get frustrated when your team doesn’t seem to understand what you need from them

Have encountered boundaries as a woman entrepreneur that have made it more difficult for you to be successful

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