What value will I get from a Fractional Integrator?

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One of the most difficult shifts in mindset you might have to make as a business owner is shifting from hiring “doers” to hiring “thinkers.” Now, this doesn’t mean that your thinkers aren’t accountable to contributing to the business’s success and bottom line, it just means they will have a different set of accountabilities and measurables for performance. 


One reason this shift might be difficult is that at this level in the business, your team member’s activity may not be directly tied to either an income generating or an expense saving outcome. Rather, they are accountable for the PLAN to drive revenue or save money. So they are pulling the strings of your “doers” to make sure those teams are moving in the right direction. 


To help with this shift in expectations, here is how your Fractional Integrator will contribute value to your business both directly and indirectly: 


  • Achieving goals and milestones - If you’ve not traditionally been tracking your goals or progress towards your goals, it might be hard to physically see forward momentum. Your Fractional Integrator will not only be able to show forward progress in the business, but they will also make sure you are working towards the RIGHT goals and tracking the RIGHT metrics that make the most impact in the business. 
  • Your people are getting stuff done - When it comes to managing people, holding them accountable to their contribution to the goals is important. Using our systems, your Fractional Integrator helps team members understand what they are accountable for and gives them the tools to not only stay focused on getting those things done, but clearing any issues or obstacles that might keep them from being successful.
  • Achieving your metrics - You may already be tracking metrics in your business. How often are you reviewing these metrics? Are you looking at the right metrics? Your Fractional Integrator will help you create a Scorecard that includes metrics that not only review how your company has performed in the past, but also whether it is moving in the right direction in the future. Your Scorecard is one of the tools we will use to hold your teams accountable to their contribution to the success of the company.
  • Net operating profit - Ultimately, earning a profit quarter over quarter is one of the most important metrics for a small business like yours. Your Fractional Integrator will help the team focus on the right profit percentage for your small business and the activities that lead the company to achieve those numbers.
  • Get more enjoyment from your business + life - Many of our clients bring us on board in a period of transition. We’ve worked with women who are caring for aging parents, going through divorce, faced with childcare issues, or managing a chronic health issue. We all have lives outside of business. Yet one of the boundaries most women face is shouldering more than our share of the mental and physical load. When you hire a Fractional Integrator, you are buying yourself time and comfort. Time to spend living your life, doing more of what you love – both at home and at work – and also comfort that your business is in good hands and will continue to be successful without your constant oversight. 

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