How does a Fractional Integrator Work With My Team?

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Because your Fractional Integrator is not technically an employed member of your team, there might be some question as to how they interact with your existing team members. 


Here are some of the common ways your Fractional Integrator can support both you and your team:

Shield Your Time

One of the major benefits of working with a Fractional Integrator is having someone on your team who “gets” the Vision and what you’re trying to do. This makes it easy for your Fractional Integrator to set up systems and methods of communication for your leadership team that allow you to step out of that role of being “the one.”


The Fractional Integrator sits directly below you in the accountability chart. This means your leadership team reports directly to the Fractional Integrator. You can help your Fractional Integrator set this expectation by clearly communicating to your team when and how they communicate with the Fractional Integrator and how you will be changing the way you interact with them.


Make decisions

Decision fatigue is real. But many visionary leaders find that, even when they have a support team, they are still being asked to make decisions – big and small – in their business on a daily basis.


Your Fractional Integrator will put systems in place to empower the leaders on your team to make more strategic decisions on their own. And when they still need decision support, your Fractional Integrator will work with them to either make those decisions or craft recommendations to help make those decisions easy for you.


Resolve issues

Has there ever been a point in your business where you felt like “putting out fires” was your middle name? Issues and obstacles are bound to come up. Rather than treating everything as an emergency, your Fractional Integrator will help your team:

  • Predict future issues
  • Create systems and processes that reduce the unknown
  • Empower them to effectively problem solve 


And if all else fails, your team will work with your Fractional Integrator to resolve those unresolvable issues or to collaborate with you on a solution. 


Be “on call”

Your Fractional Integrator has one day per week dedicated to working 100% to working with you and your team on meetings, decisions, and issue resolution. But because business doesn’t necessarily happen only one day a week, you or your leadership team can connect with your Fractional Integrator at any time via Voxer, Email, ClickUp, phone or text (within reason).

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