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It’s time to get back to your zone of genius

Remember how you felt in the first days of launching your business? Excitement. Joy. You’d look at the clock at the end of the day and not even realize how many hours had passed.

It’s because you loved what you did. You were working in your zone of genius. Work didn’t feel like work. You spent your days dreaming of the future and the impact your ideas would make.


Where did that joy go?

These days, it feels like there’s no time to spend dreaming and scheming.

Your days are filled with making little decisions, resolving issues, handling emergencies, tedious administrative, employee drama, and answering email.

Do you remember your last vacation?

When was the last time you were able to volunteer at your kid’s school without having to scramble at work?

Or spend the day focused in your Zone of Genius, really enjoying your work?

How about a day dreaming about what’s next in your business?

The dream you once dreamed feels like it’s on the back burner. It’s all you can do just to keep the business operating day to day.

Build a business that runs without you

The key to truly getting out of the day-to-day is to partner with someone you trust who can take on the demands of leading your team day-to-day so you can spend your time in your zone of genius.

Many women fear that stepping out of their daily business operations means they either don’t deserve success because they aren’t working hard enough, or that the business will fail without them.

Build Your C-Suite

Hire a Fractional Integrator to lead your team and run the day-to-day

Using your Business Blueprint and Strategic Growth Plan, a Fractional Integrator partners with you at the helm of your business to execute the business plan.

A Fractional Integrator is the yin to your yang. While you are a visionary – big picture thinker, creative, easily distracted, with lots of ideas – a Fractional Integrator is the opposite. Integrators are logical, analytical, organized, and motivated to get sh*t done.


Working with a Fractional Integrator, you’ll be able to:

Have white space to dream about the future and the next “big thing” for your company

Spend time working in your zone of genius (that thing you not only love to do, but are innately good at)

Work less

Be the influence that drives your vision forward

When you work with a Fractional Integrator:

You team is focused and accountable so you know you have the right people in the right seats

Your business plan is executed, goals get done – bringing you closer and closer to achieving your vision

You experience positive growth and forward momentum, growing consistently and sustainably so you can pay yourself more

You have positive net operating profit to reinvest into the business, give back to your team, or filter into charitable organizations


Here’s what you get when you work with a C-Suite Fractional Integrator

Below is the short list of what you can expect from working with a C-Suite Fractional Integrator. Visit our Resources Page for a full description of what a Fractional Integrator does for you and how they do it.

Facilitation of weekly team meetings

Company dashboard and project management system

Monthly Visionary check in calls

Facilitation of Quarterly Planning meetings

Implementation of 1-2 quarterly goals

Coaching and advisory to the CEO as needed via vox, email, or slack 

Coaching and advisory to the leadership team as needed via vox, email, or slack

1 dedicated day per week for meetings, calls, and project work

Is hiring a Fractional Integrator a good fit for you?

A Fractional Integrator is a good fit for you and your team if you:

Have an annual gross revenue of $1.5m or more

Have a team of at least 5+ employees, independent contractors, or freelancers supporting the business

Are ready to delegate full ownership – including processes and decision-making – to someone you trust

Are a Quick Start on the Kolbe-A Index

Are willing to make hard decisions in the best interest of your business

Are looking for a strategic partner to run the business with you side-by-side 

Have the ability and patience to wait 4+ months to realize significant transformation

Fractional Integrator Intro Package

$4,000/mo for 4 months

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