Measuring the Right Metrics to Get the Results You Want



Tracking metrics is important for all businesses, large and small. Metrics provide an actionable way to achieve your overall business strategies and goals. But, not all metrics are created equal, and different metrics may be important for different businesses. Do you know which metrics are most important for the long-term success of your business? On a recent episode of the Speaking your Brand Podcast, Casey had the pleasure of discussing this with host Carol Cox. 


On the Speaking your Brand Podcast, Carol Cox interviews, and coaches purpose-driven women to shape their brands, grow their companies, and become recognized as influencers in their field. Carol Cox is the founder & CEO of Speaking Your Brand and creator of the Signature Talk Canvas®. Carol speaks on women's leadership, women in politics, and business storytelling. If you’re a small business owner looking to craft a business presentation, learn how to create compelling content, and persuasively communicate your message to your audience this podcast should be added to your playlist.


From the host, about this episode of the Speaking Your Brand Podcast:    

What should you be measuring in your business and in your speaking and visibility efforts?

There are the obvious metrics: revenue, leads, sales, number of events you speak at. But what else? We can’t forget to measure what we’re doing (or *not* doing and *should* be doing) that will get us to the goals we want.

My guest is Casey Gromer, who owns C-Suite Boutique, a business consultancy that works with female founders who are ready to step away from being the boss while still achieving growth and success as a business owner. 

I invited Casey on the podcast to share with us her 4-part planning process, which you can use now as you plan for next year and you can use throughout the year as you evaluate your results and set new goals.

This episode is part of our Goals & Planning series.

About My Guest:

Casey Gromer is the founder and head Integrator of C-Suite Boutique – a business consultancy that works for female founders who are ready to stop away from being boss while still achieving growth and success as a business owner. As a mom and founder of my own company, I recognize that traditional, male-dominated business strategies are not resonating for many women business owners. Now, as an author, consultant, and Fractional Integrator, our team helps purpose-driven women business owners find the balance in business – avoiding burnout and decision-fatigue while maintaining sustainable and profitable growth.

About C-Suite Boutique:

We help female founders grow their businesses without having to sacrifice their personal lives.  

Learn more about how we can help you establish a business blueprint, formulate your mission and vision statements, develop a strategic growth plan, and run your business.

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