Moving Past Business Norms to Create Success as a Female Entrepreneur


Casey was recently invited to join her friend Lindsey Johnson on The Legacy Entrepreneur podcast where they discussed Casey’s journey as a female entrepreneur, moving past societal norms that women are faced with and ultimately finding her calling working with visionary female founders. Lindsey is a brand and messaging strategist, she started The Legacy Entrepreneur podcast to provide conversations for women of faith about how their business can help them grow and impact that which truly lasts.


From the host, about this episode of The Legacy Entrepreneur Podcast:    

Ever felt stuck in your business, not really making progress forward, but not knowing how to make a change for the better?

My guest on the podcast today, Casey Gromer, is a fractional integrator for visionary female entrepreneurs — which means Casey and her team run businesses for these powerhouse women — but this is not what Casey started out doing. Her journey from where she began to where she is now involved a lot of work moving past societal business norms and the advice of the “gurus” out there to really figure out what she was called to do.

In this episode, we talk about her road to entrepreneurship, how the path is never linear, how vision plays a key role in the success of a business, and how her business serves clients now.

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