How do I prepare for a Fractional Integrator?

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Onboarding someone in your business at the level of Fractional Integrator is nothing to take lightly. Of course, our goal at SHE-Suite is to take as much off your plate as possible. So here are some of our recommendations for making the transition to working with an Integrator smooth and effortless:


  • Prepare your financial reports - Your Fractional Integrator is going to be primarily accountable (to some extent) for making sure your P/L is on track. The best way to dive into this level of accountability is to be fully transparent of your current and past financial situation. We will review your financial reports for a minimum of 12 months (24 if you have them) including your monthly P&L, Cash Flow, Budgets, and Balance Sheets. Don’t be alarmed if we have questions. We are in information gathering mode at this point. 
  • Provide your current business plan - Many of our clients do not have a documented business plan when we first start working together. We aren’t here to judge, we are here to help. If you don’t have a documented business plan, be up front about that fact. If you do have a documented business plan, it will be helpful to provide that to your Fractional Integrator so we have some context for where the business is at, what your previous direction has been, and any opportunity for future. 
  • Round up a team roster - To help us get a better picture of the way your business operates and who your key players are, we will need access to your team roster for various reasons. First, we will be looking at how your team is structured to do the work and we will also be looking for how to connect with members of your team to introduce ourselves or to ask questions. Your team roster should also include any and all part-time team members, contractors, freelancers or agencies who are working on your behalf. Bonus points if you also have an org chart. 
  • Make a list of your systems - Many times your Fractional Integrator will need access to systems or software you use in your daily operations. We might use these systems to access data, review process flows, or to communicate with team members. Make a list of all the systems and software you are using and we can discuss which ones we might need access to and how to make that happen.
  • Hire an Executive Assistant - If you don’t already have an Executive Assistant, we recommend you consider hiring one. Most of our clients find that even with a Fractional Integrator, they are still unable to stay organized and get out of the day-to-day. Many Visionaries are naturally disorganized, scattered, and free-thinking. This is your Zone of Genius and we love and appreciate you for this. And having an Executive Assistant to keep your things organized and on track will not only benefit you and save you time, but it will keep you from being the bottleneck. When you add an Executive Assistant in conjunction with a Fractional Integrator, not only have you completed your other half, you’ve also created an extension of yourself. If you don’t already have an Executive Assistant, do not worry. If you choose to add this position to your team, we can get you connected.

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