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At C-Suite Boutique, we understand the importance of making informed decisions when it comes to choosing services that can significantly impact your life and business.

That's why we've carefully curated a selection of the finest service providers in various industries, all designed to help you save time, money, and hassle.

Carla Titus

Wealth Worth Within

Carla fractional CFO headshot

Fractional CFO, who provides financial consulting and advisory services to business owners. Finance expert with over 15 years of combined corporate financial planning, analysis, strategy, and established businesses consulting experience. Her priorities for their clients range from growing profits, having cash in the bank, and paying themselves well so they can build personal wealth.  

Julie Herres

Green Oak Accounting

Green Oak Accounting

At GreenOak Accounting, we're a team of accountants, tax professionals and bookkeepers that specialize in helping private practice owners. We have worked with hundreds of clients throughout the United States to help them reach their financial goals. Our team can help you gain a better understanding of your business finances, so you can focus on what matters most—your clients.

Our CFO services, truly allow us to have the biggest impact on a practice. At this level we include a KPI dashboard, tax planning, a monthly meeting and more!

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Kaci Ackerman

Clickup Expert

Purposeful Systems Circle Logo-06

We are Purposeful Systems. Empowering small businesses with sustainable systems that work for their exact needs. We’re particularly passionate about the business owner who knows what they’re good at and does everything in their power to make an impact– sometimes getting a little overwhelmed when it comes to the organizational details.

We love being the other ultra-process-oriented side to set up teams for success because chaos does not have to be normalized. Especially not when you’re trying to be more productive and grow your business. And now we're ready to help you, too. 

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Ashley Cox

Sprout HR

Ashley Cox

At SproutHR, Ashley and her team focus on values-based hiring, compassionate and intentional leadership, and amplifying impact. They revolutionize the do-it-yourself mindset to one of exponential growth – hiring the right people the right way scales business and electrifies the bottom line – making women-run companies thrive.

A certified HR professional with over 17 years experience, Ashley has worked with businesses nationwide – from local brick and mortars to online agencies to multi-million dollar national & international companies.

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Frankie Gonzalez

Your Mindful Beginnings

Mindful Beginnings

Starting a mental health therapy practice or health and wellness practice can be intimidating, but fear not! With over 15 years of experience, Frankie Gonzalez is here to support and help you every step of the way. Whether you're a therapist, yoga instructor, life coach, or other wellness provider, Frankie is confident in her ability to help you turn your passion into a thriving career. With expertise in admin support, billing, website support, and more, Frankie has the tools to guide you toward success. Don't let fear hold you back, contact Frankie today to learn how she can support you on your journey!

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C-Suite Boutique has been using ClickUp for years and highly recommends it for your all-in-one tool for managing your business needs.

Angie Trublood

The Podwize Group

Angie Trueblood


Angie Trueblood brings her entrepreneurial spirit, innovative thinking, and super connector powers to The Podwize Group as they support business owners who are using podcast interviews as a core tenet of their business growth. As a life-long learner and someone who has experienced first-hand the impact podcasts can have on a business, Angie is quick to lean on the strengths of her teammates and network as she leads the company with her collaborative approach to business.

Lindsay Recknell

Paradigm Corporate Wellness

Lindsay Recknell

As the president & CEO of Paradigm Corporate Wellness, Lindsay Recknell closes the skill gap for Leaders and HR professionals, up-leveling their careers by teaching them the mental health skills they need to know to feel knowledgeable and confident to navigate mental health at work.

$350 off registration for each participant registered into an open cohort of the Mental Health Skills Training Certificate Program
Chanlie Leavitt

Paradigm Podcasting

Paradigm Podcasting
At Paradigm Podcasting, Chanlie is dedicated to helping visionaries share their message, challenge perspectives, and shift paradigms through the art of podcasting. Her full-service podcast management services are designed to empower you to cut through the noise, amplifying both your influence and impact. She handles the intricacies behind the scenes, allowing you to shine as the expert and leader you naturally are.
Visit her website today to create a podcast that resonates with your audience and empowers you to have a greater impact with your message.
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