Small Business Disaster Recovery


Small business owners are in unprecedented times. No one is immune to the affects of this international pandemic.

No matter how hard we work to support each other, many businesses will not survive the economic fallout.

It's devastating.

Many small businesses will qualify for special sanctions and economic relief. Here are the top resources you need to know right now:

SBA Disaster Loan Assistance

What is SBA Disaster Loan Assistance?

SBA Disaster Loan are low interest, long-term loans to repair or replace items destroyed in a disaster. In the case of the Coronavirus pandemic, loan funds can be used to help with inventory and business assets (like lost revenue).

Who's eligible for Disaster Loan Assistance?

Businesses of all sizes are eligible to apply for SBA Disaster Loan Assistance. In this situation, private non-profits may also be eligible.

How can i access disaster loan assistance?

To be eligible for SBA Disaster Loan Assistance, an application must be completed and submitted for review.

There are two ways to begin the application process:

SBA Assistance

What is SBA Assistance?

Most local regions have an SBA partner who employs business consultants to mentor, counsel, or train small businesses.

Business consultants are professionals who can assist with obtaining funds, business planning, marketing, human resources, legal, and more.

Services from SBA partners are free to approved businesses.

Who is eligible to work with an SBA partner or consultant?

SBA consulting, mentoring, and training is available to any approved business.

How can I work with an SBA Consultant?

To apply for assistance through your local SBA partner, visit the SBA website and click Local Assistance.

For businesses located in the Brainerd Lakes Area, you can request assistance from the North Central SBDC located at CLC in Brainerd, or Central Minnesota SBDC in Saint Cloud.

For employers

Several steps are being taken to minimize the impact on employers facing reduced revenue and layoffs.

Be aware of your options by following guidance from the State of Minnesota.

For employees

Any Minnesota business or worker who's regular income has been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic can apply for Unemployment Assistance.

Follow the state guidelines for answers to questions on eligibility.