Coaching and mentorship for Integrators and Leadership Teams

Systems for leading, managing, and holding people accountable

HEADS UP: This program is for you if you're not quite ready to hire a Fractional Integrator, but you might have people supporting you who would make a great Integrator or manager with some mentorship and training.

Congratulations! Your business has picked up momentum – your vision has legs. Up to this point, things have fallen into place for you. It's all so exciting! The business is generating revenue, you're growing. And yet...


You keep getting stuck. 

You know you're ready to move on to the next phase, but you're not quite sure of the right next steps. You want to delegate, but you can't afford to make costly mistakes. You need help making smart decisions that increase efficiency and boost your profits.

Your business is in the awkward "tweenage" stage. You're not quite ready to fully step out of the day-to-day, but you'd like to set you and your Integrator or DOO up to work towards that goal. 

You'll need to build the right foundations in your business to make this transition work seamlessly for you and your team.

In reality, you’re still the “go to”

You've tried delegating, but it isn't working. You either have someone in place currently serving as your right hand or are ready to hire or promote someone to support you.

You're still burning out wearing too many hats. Balls are getting dropped. It feels like nothing moves forward. And things are not getting done as well as you would like. 

What do you need next? How do you make a decision on which priority to tackle when everything seems so critically important?

Who do you need in place to help you to the next level? What should they be doing and how can you keep them focused without running yourself into the ground?


You can scale smarter, faster, and more profitably

I’m on a mission to help more women build sustainable 7+ figure businesses that run without them. The Scaling Smart Business Accelerator is a hybrid mentoring + accountability program designed to give you and your next-in-command just the support you need to get to the next level faster, smarter, and more profitably than if you were navigating business alone.

The Scaling Smart Business Accelerator gives both of you access to me as your strategic business mentor PLUS all of the business tools I have perfected over years of supporting small business owners.

This program was specifically designed for women entrepreneurs who aren't quite ready to hire a Fractional Integrator, but want to set up the foundations and build the team that allows them to step away from the day-to-day operations in the near future.


Prioritize the next right thing

No-fail strategies for achieving next-level results

You get the coaching and mentorship or a seasoned expert guiding you on not only on how to implement business management and operations tools successfully. Using our proven C-Suite Boutique set of tools, you'll set up the foundations for your business to operate at "next level" efficiency

With the Scaling Smarter Business Accelerator you'll get:

Coaching and mentoring on how to build your Visionary / Integrator duo

Consulting and guideance on the implementation of all the C-Suite Boutique business operations and management tools

Templates and resources for business management and operations, financial management, and leading, managing, and holding people accountable

All of our systems and processes templates to make your business run like a well-oiled machine


Use the Visionary / Integrator Roadmap to:

Create a system for setting the right goals completely aligned with your vision. In the Scaling Smart Business Accelerator framework, you will have an opportunity to look holistically at the business – what’s working, what’s not working. You’ll also brainstorm opportunities in all areas of the business for change and improvement that align with your vision.

Create systems of accountability.  When it’s crystal clear who is responsible for each goal and whether progress is being made, it’s easier to delegate whole pieces of the business and get them off your plate. Accountability is also a tool to encourage your support team to stay focused on the work that provides the most value to the plan.

Performance management and tracking. Tracking the right metrics is an important part of making progress. With the right metrics, you will have an at-a-glance overview of the health of your business that predicts positive movement. Metrics also hold you and any team members accountable to their contribution to the forward momentum towards the vision.

Put the right people in the right seats. Build and organize your team to support the goals of the business and keep the company operational from day to day. The Scaling Smart Business Accelerator is a perfect program for mentoring up and coming Fractional Integrators or second in commands.

Here’s what’s included with your Visionary / Integrator Roadmap Mentorship:

Coaching + Implementation

  • Access to the complete 16-week Visionary / Integrator Roadmap framework
    • Business Blueprint
    • 90-Day Planning
    • Accountability Chart
    • Performance Metrics and Scorecard
    • Standard Operating Procedures template and training
    • Leadership training
    • Meetings and team communication structure
    • Individual accoutability and performance evaluation templates
  • Bi-weekly coaching to support your self-implementation of the 16-week Visionary / Integrator Roadmap
  • 1:1 access to your C-Suite mentor via Voxer or email
  • Lifetime access to our C-Suite Boutique trainings, tools, and templates


Is mentorship and coaching right for me?

This mentorship and coaching program is a perfect fit for you if you:

Have an existing (or future) Integrator, Director of Operations, or leadership team who could benefit from coaching and mentorship to step into this role

You have a team of at least 5+ employees, independent contractors, freelancers, vendors, or consultants who support your business

Have a Visionary leadership style

Are willing and able to delegate or give up control over certain processes and decision-making to people you trust

Are ready and willing to make hard decisions and changes in the best interest of your business

Have the ability and patience to wait for results over the course of 4+ months

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