What is the role of the Visionary when working with a Fractional Integrator?

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Stepping out of the day-to-day of your business does not happen overnight. For so long, you’ve most likely been “the one” in your business. You may have gone from being the only one doing everything to leading other people who were supporting you. And in all cases, you were still wearing #allthehats. 


In your shift to being the true Visionary, your role will need to shift. When you are wearing all the hats, your focus is on managing people, making decisions, and putting out fires. If you are spending all your time in this endless cycle in your business, that means there is no one at the helm looking forward, brainstorming, researching, or thinking creatively about the future. And that puts your business at risk.


Your “job” or role in your company is to:


  • Have big new ideas - Constantly having your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in your industry and in your market and coming up with new and innovative ways to deliver on your promise will keep your company relevant and growing.
  • Company culture - You are the champion for your company’s core values. You are an internal influencer who helps set the stage for your team members what type of company you’re going to be. Your team looks to you to lead by example.
  • Passion - Excitement catches. When you exemplify passion for your business, your employees are more likely to share that same passion for success with you. 
  • Influencer - Being an influencer isn’t just for Instagramers. At the helm of your company, you not only influence your employees and customers, but you might also influence big relationships or partnerships by making important connections or being in the media. 
  • Champion of the vision - While your Fractional Integrator can help you articulate a vision, the purpose of your company comes from inside you. As the owner of the vision, it’s your job to champion that with your team, your audience, and your customers. No one understands your vision more than you, and that means no one can care more or work harder to shout it from the rooftops.


It’s important to insert a little caveat here. In some situations, the Visionary does sit in multiple seats in the company. In addition to being the Visionary, it might also be that you sit in the Finance seat in the absence of having a CFO. Or you may sit in the Product seat without someone leading, managing, and holding your product development team accountable.

While our ultimate goal is to get you out of these roles in your company, it’s perfectly reasonable that you may need to continue running certain functions of the business until a time you are both financially and physically ready to fill that role with someone else. 

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